Janus Coffee Acquiring Coolbeanscoffeecafe.com

After achieving considerable success as a primary information source on Coffee, JanusCoffee.com is expanding its informational offerings by acquiring coolbeanscoffeecafe.com.

The acquisition will allow Janus Coffee to become a comprehensive information source on all things coffee. As currently constituted, Janus Coffee contains information on different coffee recipes, coffee makers, french presses and much more.

Our information on coffee beans branches through different brands to what different cafes use. It includes information on cool beans coffee cafe, where to spend the weekend, and other scenic locations.

This information is vital to make the perfect coffee everyday.

Here are some of the categories and the related information from CoolBeansCoffeeCafe will be integrated into JanusCoffee as part of our presentation.

Coffee Makers

  • Best Coffee Maker For Beginners
  • Best Coffee Maker For Travel
  • Best Coffee Maker For Cold Brew
  • Best Automatic Pour-Over Coffee Maker
  • Best Coffee Maker For Dunkin Donuts Coffee

Espresso Machines

  • Best Nespresso Machines for Every Type of Coffee Drinker
  • Why Is My Nespresso Blinking Orange and How To Fix
  • Best Pod Coffee Machines


  • Mudwater Review: The Coffee Alternative

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