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These days, you can get cold brew coffee at virtually any coffee shop you visit. If you are a fan of coffee, the truth is you can save more money making your own coffee than buying from coffee shops.

Surprisingly, making a cold brew at home is easy. All you need is a good cold-brew coffee maker. There are plenty of good cold-brew coffee makers on the market, and we will show you how to find them in this article.

We looked into several popular models to determine which coffee machines produce the best cold brew. We followed some strict factors and ruled out those that did not meet our criteria.

Our Top Picks

Below is a summary of the top picks from our team. To help you understand where each pick ranked, we have included “badges” next to each pick’s key findings. “Best Overall” is a combination of price and value. “Best Budget” is great for coffee lovers who want a top-quality product but are on a tighter budget. “High End” is for coffee lovers who just want the best, and price is no object.



How did we pick these products?

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Our Top Pick

OXO Compact Cold Brew Maker

Folds compactly for storage and offers three different height adjustments

Easy to clean with a cup holder for baby

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Best Budget and Value

Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Folds compactly for storage and offers three different height adjustments

Easy to clean with a cup holder for baby

More Information

Best High-End

Primula Burke Deluxe Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker

Folds compactly for storage and offers three different height adjustments

Easy to clean with a cup holder for baby

The 5 Best Cold Brew Coffee Makers

There are tons of different models for cold brew coffee makers. However, not every one of these products will provide you with a delicious cold brew to your liking. To ensure you get the best cold brew coffee maker, we tested and compared some of the top brands on the market. 

When making our list, we ruled out brands that did not satisfy several criteria like brew function, durability, and easy setup. With all that said, here are the five best cold brew coffee makers currently available on the market:

Best Option Overall

OXO Compact Cold Brew Maker


Easy to clean and use

Easy to store

High yields

Flavorful cold brew

Durable borosilicate glass

Comes with brewing instructions

Stainless steel filter


Coffee leaks out easily

No handle

The OXO brewer doesn’t disappoint when it comes to producing a delicious cold brew. The OXO Compact cold brew coffee maker is designed with borosilicate glass, which doesn’t break easily.

Plus, the machine’s carafe has a cork stopper with a silicone seal, which keeps the cold brew concentrate fresh. This cold coffee brewer also features a reusable mesh filter that keeps the grounds from falling into your brew.

Also, this cold brew maker is easy to set up and compact, making it easy to store. To use this drip coffee maker, place a small circular paper filter at the bottom of the brewing container. The machine usually comes with a pack of ten paper filters. 

Next, use the stopper to measure out the coffee grounds. Once done, place the perforated lid on the glass carafe and slowly pour in the water. Allow the water to sit for 12 to 24 hours.

When ready, press the release switch, and the coffee will filter into the glass carafe. This cold brew coffee maker yields up to 16 oz of coffee concentrate.

Best Value for Money

Hario Mizudashi Cold Brew Coffee Maker


Features high-quality heat-proof glass

Easy to clean

Reusable filter

Dishwasher safe

Easy to use 


Flimsy silicone top

The Hario Mizudashi cold brew coffee maker scores high in many areas. It is sleek, easy to use, and provides you with an easy way to make and enjoy a fantastic cold brew at home.

This coffee maker can produce up to one liter of cold-brewed coffee. It features high-quality Japanese heat-proof glass for increased durability and heat retention. On the other hand, you’ll love the tall, slender design of the carafe, which will fit unobtrusively on your kitchen counter.

You can easily screw the lid on and off when brewing. The lid is made of plastic and is easy to clean up. This coffee maker also features a light mesh plastic filter that prevents the coffee grounds from escaping into the finished brew.

The filter is secured by a plastic lid that covers the remaining liquid in the carafe. Lastly, the mesh filter at the bottom of this coffee maker unscrews for easy cleanup and coffee ground disposal.

Best for Perfectionists

Primula Burke Deluxe Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker


Dishwasher safe

Removable mesh filter

Durable glass carafe

Comfortable grip handle

Perfect six-cup size

Available in different colors

Leak-proof lid

Non-slip base

Heat safe glass


Not the best filtration system

The Primula Burke Deluxe cold brew coffee maker allows you to be your own barista and enjoy a rich cold brew from the comfort of your home. With this coffee maker, you can create your signature drink at home by adding mike, ice, creamer, flavorings, or syrups.

To use this coffee maker, add freshly roasted coffee beans to the brew filter, pour cold water over the coffee beans, and then let it sit overnight. 

You can stir during the cold brewing process for optimum flavor extraction. When you are done, remove the brew filter and pour the coffee.

The Primula Burke Deluxe keeps coffee fresh for up to seven days. This cold brew coffee maker is crafted with durable temperature-safe borosilicate glass. It also features a fine mesh filter, so you won’t have to worry about coffee grinds making their way into your brew.

On a different note, the Primula Burke Deluxe is easy to use and wash. Moreover, it’s dishwasher safe and fits most mini-fridges and refrigerator doors. Also, It features a removable bottom which allows for easy cleaning. This cold brew coffee maker creates up to 38 oz of rich coffee.

It has a tight-sealed lid which helps keep your coffee fresh for up to seven days in the refrigerator. Also, one of the main reasons we love this coffee maker is that it produces a cold brew with great taste. The brew extraction process of this coffee maker produces full-bodied, smooth, flavorful tea and cold brew coffee.

The result of the brewing process is a rich cup of coffee that’s 65% less acidic than coffee brewed the traditional way with hot water. Lastly, the components of this cold brewer include a tight-sealing lid, a temperature-safe carafe, and a removable brew filter.

Toddy Cold Brew System


Includes additional filters and stopper

Produces rich, smooth iced coffee

Reusable filters

Easy to use

Can be used for hot and cold coffee


Some reports state that the glass cracks easily

Put this classic Toddy Cold Brew System on your kitchen counter, and you’ll never want to change it. The Toddy Cold Brew System is ideal for anyone who wants a clean and rich cup of coffee.

The cold brew process of this coffee maker extracts the beans’ true rich flavor, leaving behind a super-smooth, less acidic cup. This cold brew coffee maker can make up to one liter of finished cold brew, enough to carry you for at least a few days.

You can use this coffee maker to make large batches for an event, weaker batches for cold brew ice cubes, or stronger batches for cocktail ingredients. This cold brew maker comes with a felt disc and additional paper filter to produce an ultra-clean finished cold brew.

To use this coffee maker, pour cold water and ground coffee into the brewing container and steep for 12-24 hours. Next, filter the strong cold brew concentrate into the glass container, and that’s it. The great thing about this coffee maker is that you can use it to make both hot coffee and iced coffee.

You can also use it to brew your favorite tea leaves. This is the only cold brew maker that comes with a brewing container, four reusable felt filters, two silicone stoppers, and 20 packs of paper filters. The set also includes a glass decanter with a lid.


ESPRO P5 French Press


Made of German-engineered glass

Easy brew instructions

Features an innovative dual filtration system

Easy removal and cleaning

Aesthetically pleasing

Reusable filters


A bit pricey

Sticker glue is hard to remove

The Espro P5 French Press is also one of the best cold brew makers on the market. Furthermore, it’s easy to operate and only made up of a few parts. It consists of a steel lid, plunger assembly, metal cradle, and a glass pitcher.

One of the main things we love about the Espro P5 French Press is its dual filtration system. This cold brew maker features two mesh filter baskets, which help keep the coffee grounds away from the finished brew.

Also, the French Press’s dual filtration system helps it create smooth and flavorful hot coffee and cold brew. Furthermore, the machine’s filters feature a silicone gasket at the top, which helps to keep out coffee grinds and unnecessary liquid.

On the other hand, this cold brew maker is made with German-engineered glass and a sturdy frame for increased durability. Also, the French Press is aesthetically pleasing and comes with two frame options; copper and polished stainless steel. Lastly, this cold brew maker can brew a maximum of 32 oz coffee.

Factors to Consider When Buying an Iced Coffee Maker

You can choose from any of the cold-brew coffee makers listed above. Rest assured, they are the best in the market and will give you the best coffee you deserve. 

However, follow this guide if you want to choose a cold-brew coffee maker by yourself. There are certain factors to consider when exploring the market. Here are factors to consider when buying an iced coffee maker:

Electric Vs. Non-Electric

Cold brew coffee makers come in two types: electric and non-electric. The non-electric model is the traditional and most popular option. 

There are two ways to make coffee using the non-electric model: slow drip and immersion. When making iced, a slow-drip cold brew coffee maker allows the grounds to soak first in cold water.

Next, the cold brew coffee, aka infused water, drips into a separate container, and that’s it. On the other hand, an immersion-style coffee brewer makes coffee by submerging the coffee grounds in cold water for 12 to 24 hours.

On the other hand, electric cold brewers aim to speed up the coffee-making process by steeping and stirring the coffee grounds to extract flavor more quickly. This usually takes as little as 5 to 40 minutes.

Electric cold coffee brew makers typically don’t use heat to produce cold brews. Although they are time-saving, electric cold brewers don’t create deeply rich flavors like non-electric models.

Type of Filter

Cold brew coffee makers come with two filter options; paper filters and stainless steel filters. While both options can yield quality brews, paper filters are easier to clean. You only need to toss them when you are done making coffee.

However, paper filters have the drawback of needing to be replaced regularly and not being as eco-friendly as metal filters. While stainless steel filters last longer than paper filters, they are harder to clean and maintain. On the other hand, paper filters are also known to produce better sediment-free coffee than their metal counterpart.


It would be best to consider what material the cold brew coffee maker is made of. Some cold brewers are made out of plastic—others are made of glass. Moreso, you will find cold brewers that are a combination of both. However, while the brewer’s construction doesn’t necessarily impact the taste of the coffee, it may be worth considering when shopping.

Glass is more stable and heavier than plastic. Also, glass cold brew coffee makers are typically more dishwasher-safe than their plastic counterparts. However, glass brewers break easily if not handled well.

On the other hand, compared to glass, plastic is more durable and lasts longer. However, they don’t fare as well against stains and odor absorption as glass brewers do.

Size of the Machine

Cold brew coffee makers come in different sizes. However, most are compact and designed to fit in your refrigerator. If size is an important factor, look for a cold brewer about the size of a Mason jar or water pitcher.

However, you can use larger cold brew markers if you prefer to make your coffee in large batches. Just note that you’ll have to sacrifice storage space if you choose these bulkier options.


Most cold brew makers produce a strong concentrate instead of a finished drink. This means you have to dilute the finished brew with water before it is ready to drink. Some brands claim that you can make large batches and keep your finished cold brew fresh for weeks without worrying about waste.

While you don’t want your cold brew to stay in the fridge for too long, you also don’t want to make a new batch of coffee every night. Therefore, finding a cold brew coffee maker that allows you to make enough cold brew for a week is ideal.

Different cold-brew coffee makers have different yield capacities. Most cold brew systems can produce between 20 oz to two liters of finished cold brew. Therefore, it is important to consider how much iced coffee you can make before making your purchase.

This correlates to the number of servings you’d like to have in a week. Use the data you have collected and choose the right-sized coffee maker for your kitchen. 

If you’d like to save storage space, focus on making strong cold brew concentrate. However, ensure that you can easily remove the coffee grinds after extraction. This will allow you to store the cold brew concentrate for days.

Ease of Use

When choosing an iced coffee maker, make sure you consider the machine’s ease of use. Look for cold brew coffee makers that are easy to set up and use. Most cold-brew coffee makers from reputable brands come with easy-to-follow instructions on how to use the machine.


Cleaning your cold brew coffee maker and taking proper care of it can extend its longevity. Also, cleaning your coffee maker regularly helps prevent mold and bacteria buildup. Rinse the iced coffee maker and clean it thoroughly after each use. 

Hand-wash the machine’s removable parts with soap and room-temperature water. Pat dry the parts with a clean towel. Also, note that the filters are an important part of your cold-brew coffee maker.

Most iced coffee machines feature mesh filters made of stainless steel, which you can easily clean in the dishwasher. For best results, ensure you rinse and dry off the filters before using them again.

Customer Reviews

Before adding the coffee maker to the cart, ensure you go through customer reviews. Check what other customers are saying about the product before making purchases. 

Go for coffee makers with a large number of positive reviews and ratings. While it’s good to consider the price, avoid coffee makers with lots of negative reviews.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why should you buy a cold-brew coffee maker?

A cold brew coffee maker is designed to make brewing coffee faster. Plus, they come with a filtration system to produce a fresh and smooth cup of coffee. You should get a cold brew maker if you want to make a cold brew at home.

How do you make iced coffee?

The first step towards making a cold brew coffee is to choose your coffee grounds. Choose whatever roast suits your tastes. Next, you have to use the right coffee-to-water ratio. When preparing the coffee concentrate, note that you’ll add less water to coffee than you would when making regular brewed coffee.

After that, steep the coffee grounds and allow it to sit for a while. Check the manufacturer’s directions for the specific model you are using to see how long you should steep the grounds.

Generally, you should steep the grounds for 12 to 24 hours when using a non-electric model and 5 to 45 minutes when using an electric model. After steeping, refrigerate the concentrate to preserve its freshness.

You can serve within a few days or up to a week for optimal flavor. When it’s time to serve, a ratio of one-part coffee to one-part hot water or milk is ideal.

Are cold-brew concentrate and ready-to-drink cold brew the same?

A cold-brew maker can either produce cold-brew concentrate or ready ready-to-drink cold brew. The cold-brew concentrate is a much stronger extraction and contains a high amount of caffeine. Therefore, you must dilute it at a coffee-to-water ratio of 1:2 or 1:3.

On the other hand, ready-to-drink cold brew doesn’t require dilution, meaning you can consume it immediately. Also, ready-to-drink cold brew is usually lighter in color and more refreshing.

Moreover, the strength of caffeine also varies. Concentrate offers a more robust, darker, and full-flavored product. Most cold brew coffee makers claim to make either concentrate or finished products.

However, some cold brew makers are flexible enough to make both. In such cases, you can boost the coffee’s strength and make richer concentrate by steeping for longer and using less water.

Is there a perfect coffee-to-water ratio for iced coffee?

The coffee-to-water ratio will vary slightly based on several factors. One factor is the type of coffee maker you are using. Another factor is whether you are brewing ready-to-drink cold brew or concentrate.

For concentrate, we recommend a 1:5 ratio of coffee to water, and for a ready-to-drink brew, a 1:7 ratio of coffee to water. Before making iced coffee, ensure you at least read the instructions on the label. You will easily find how much water and scoops you would need.

Lastly, making iced coffee requires much more coffee beans than regular hot brews. So stock up on coffee beans if you plan on making cold brew regularly.

How long can you keep a cold brew?

Unlike hot coffee, cold brews can last and stay fresh for weeks if refrigerated properly. You can store them in the fridge, and they will stay fresh for 14 days. You can extend the brew’s shelf life by placing it in an airtight container before refrigerating.

What’s the best way to clean a cold brew maker?

There are different types of cold brew makers. Some can be put in a dishwasher, while others can’t. Therefore, it’s best to read the manufacturer’s instructions before taking action. 

If the coffee maker’s parts are removable, you can hand-wash them with room-temperature water and soap. However, if the instructions say they are “dishwasher safe,” remove the parts and put them in your dishwasher.


Making your own coffee at home will save you plenty of money and time. With a cold brew coffee maker, you can play barista at home and brew delicious coffee just as you like it.

This article has already provided you with five of the best coffee makers for cold brew. We’ve also provided you with a guide on finding good coffee makers and exploring the market yourself. We believe that the OXO Compact Cold Brew Maker and Primula Burke Deluxe brew maker will provide you with a rich, clean, and smooth cold brew. 

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